Jordan Muller Portrait

Hi, my name is
Jordan Muller

I am a Full Stack Developer,
based in California

Welcome & Introductions

Welcome to my personal website and digital portfolio! My name is Jordan & I am a new graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Feel free to explore my website to see how my academic journey has shaped my skills and prepared me for the dynamic world of technology.

Portfolio Projects

In this section, you'll discover a curated collection of my recent work & portfolio projects. These projects span a range of technologies and industries, illustrating my ability to adapt and excel in various environments.

  • Bee vs Wasp AI/ML Web Application Project

    Bee or Wasp AI/ML Web Application

    Web Application that Uses Machine Learning to Detect if a User Input Image is of a Bee or a Wasp

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  • Animated Navigation Project

    Comfy Store

    Comfy Store - React E-Commerce Web Application

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  • Animated Navigation Project

    Tracalorie App

    Tracalorie App - React Web Application for Tracking Calories Consumed & Lost from Food & Exercise

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  • Flixx App Project Home Page

    Flixx App

    Flixx App - React Movie & TV Show Application. User-friendly application designed to browse and discover TV shows and movies.

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Recent Blog Posts

In my blog, I share my thoughts, experiences, and discoveries in the world of development. Whether you're a fellow developer, a curious learner, or simply an enthusiast in the tech sphere, I hope to provide you with valuable and personal insights from my life.

  • Markdown Logo on a Grey Gradient Background

    What is Markdown?

    What is Markdown & what is it used for?

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  • TypeScript Logo on a Blue Background

    What is TypeScript?

    What is TypeScript & what is it used for?

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  • Python Logo on a Grey Background

    What is Python?

    What is Python & what is it used for?

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