Tracalorie App

Animated Navigation Project

Created by Jordan Muller on 2023-10-15

Tracalorie App - React Web Application for Tracking Calories

Project Overview

The Tracalorie App is a comprehensive and intuitive web application developed using React, designed to help users track their calorie intake and expenditure. This app is a perfect tool for those who are mindful of their eating habits and exercise routines, offering a seamless way to monitor calories consumed and burned.

Key Features

Technologies Used

Development Highlights


Tracalorie App stands as a testament to my ability to develop practical and user-friendly web applications. It demonstrates my proficiency in React and front-end development, as well as my commitment to creating digital solutions that positively impact users’ health and wellness. This project is not just a tool for calorie tracking; it’s a companion for those on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.