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Created by Jordan Muller on 2023-11-03

John Smilga Comfy Store - My Solo E-commerce Project

The John Smilga Comfy Store represents a significant milestone in my journey to acquire new skills after graduating from college. This solo project was a labor of love, where I delved into the world of web development, specifically focusing on React and Node.js. The goal was to create a functional e-commerce MVP that not only showcased my abilities but also served as a valuable learning experience.

Project Overview

The Comfy Store, born out of post-college enthusiasm, embodies the essence of self-directed learning. Here’s an overview of this personal project:

Dynamic Product Catalog

The Comfy Store, powered by an external API, dynamically presents a diverse array of products, complete with detailed descriptions and captivating images. This dynamic product catalog provided me with an opportunity to explore complexity in web development.

Interactive Shopping Cart

At its core, the Comfy Store features an interactive shopping cart built with React. This cart offers a responsive and user-friendly experience, allowing customers to add, modify, and review items seamlessly. Designing this interactive cart introduced an element of complexity to the project, enhancing its user-centric nature.

Streamlined Checkout Process

Creating an efficient and user-friendly checkout process was a personal challenge. The Comfy Store ensures a swift and hassle-free purchase experience. Striking the right balance between simplicity and complexity in the checkout flow was a key learning experience.

Technologies Used

In the process of crafting the Comfy Store, I embraced various technologies:

Development Focus

Throughout this journey of self-improvement, I maintained a few core principles:

Efficient API Utilization

I aimed to effectively integrate and utilize external APIs for product listings and order processing. This focus on API utilization introduced complexity through real-time data management.

MVP Approach

Understanding the importance of delivering essential e-commerce functionalities, I followed the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. This approach allowed me to maintain a clean and user-friendly design while adding bursts of complexity to the platform’s usability.

Scalability and Performance

I kept scalability and performance in mind, ensuring that the Comfy Store could handle varying loads efficiently. Managing complexity under different traffic conditions was a crucial aspect of this project.


The John Smilga Comfy Store stands as a testament to my post-college journey of self-improvement. It’s not just a technical achievement; it’s a symbol of personal growth. This solo project showcases my technical proficiency with React and Node.js, as well as my ability to integrate and leverage external APIs to create a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Above all, it represents the spirit of learning and exploration, striking a perfect balance between perplexity and burstiness in my pursuit of web development expertise.