Bee or Wasp AI/ML Web Application

Bee vs Wasp AI/ML Web Application Project

Created by Jordan Muller on 2023-05-01

Machine Learning-Driven Bee and Wasp Identification Tool - A Google Colab-Based Web Application

Introduction to the Project

For my final year project in Computer Science, I embarked on an exciting journey to create a web application that simplifies the identification of bees and wasps. This application, built on a foundation of advanced machine learning techniques, allows users to upload images and receive immediate analysis, distinguishing between these two insect types.

Innovative Features of the Tool

Technical Backbone

Overcoming Obstacles

Project Realization

This project culminated in a dynamic and efficient web application. It offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface for uploading images of bees or wasps and quickly provides accurate classifications. The intuitive results display is invaluable for both hobbyists and scientific researchers. This endeavor was not only a triumphant Capstone project but also a testament to my proficiency in machine learning and software development.